i just realized all the pictures of me and jordan on the fridge have a magnet over my face. haha seriously, his mom hates me. hahah

i’m just do proud of my husband. i literally could not have found someone more amazing. he has been working SO hard so i can stay with the kids and i love him so much for that. we can fight like there’s no tommorow, but in the end he’ll always be by my side, doing whatever possible to make me and the kids happy.

i know it’s so bad, but i really can’t stand jordans nieces. especially the older one. i think i have told her one billion times to not carry bennett, and she still does. she’s always acting like she’s his mom and will tell him to call her mom, so i told her not to, so now when she thinks i’m not listening she’ll tell him “i’m your mom okay?” she’s always forcing bennett to sit on her lap while he’s trying to get away. anytime he cries she comes running and is like “what did you do to bennett?! why is bennett crying?!” i’m sure she just loves him, but just no. you are NOT his mom, and don’t tell him to call you that.

next week is jordans first full check(s) and i couldn’t be more excited. catching up on bills, and we’ll still have some. which hasn’t happened for a while. hahaha then the check after that we’ll have twice as much money left as we spent on bills. i literally can’t wait to not be worried about money, and be able to take the kids where ever i feel like when i want to leave the house. and move out. and ship our cars here.

I brought a glass of water into our room last night and i woke up ants everywhere in our room. i am going to die here.
but on a positive note, my mom is going to buy our tickets to come visit if jordan okays my plan!!

guys i am trying so hard not to complain right now.
literally trying so. hard.

all i want is a nice camera so i can take pictures besides on my phone. i’m annoyed that the only pictures i have were taken on a phone, and even those i don’t have a lot of them because I’m an idiot and didn’t back them up, and they couldn’t be transferred from my other phone because the screen was too broken. blahhh.

woke up this morning to a two inch roach crawling up my leg, then jordans bum. we finally killed it after searching for it for like 30 minutes.
right when i’m taking my make up off jordan says there’s another one in the room. we killed it, again after looking 30 minutes.
i swear, if i get woken up by one again i am going to freak out.