wanna know something funny??
i wanted one of those first look pictures so bad, but me and jordan were fighting the day we took our bridals. hahah, like he dropped me off for the pictures and left and wasn’t going to come. hahah so when he showed up obviously we weren’t ready for that. and we were mad so there really was no reaction. hahah. so if you’ve ever seen our bridals and thought we looked like an awkward couple, it’s because we were fighting. hahahah
but hey, at least he cried while I was walking down the isle! haha

how sad is it that i had to tell my husband “don’t tell your parents ANYTHING. anything about what we want, what we do, nothing.”
i know, that sounds controlling, BUT they don’t have fitted sheets for the bed, just flat ones that we have to tuck under the mattress so jordan asked if they had one (we bought one at the only Walmart, 30 minutes away, and got home and it didn’t fit hahah) and they say “you guys are so stupid just tuck the sheets in.” so jordan says yeah but it’s annoying to fix it every night before bed. “that’s cuz you guys are stupid and don’t know how to do it.” ALL ABOUT A FREAKING BED SHEET.
and then his parents asked if we sleep with the TV on and we say sometimes, because it’s really dark in the room, and some times we fall asleep watching. And his dad goes “you guys have no common sense. so stupid.”
like, AGAIN, we pay the difference in the power bill from when we got here, so let us sleep with the TV on if we want. it’s just being put down every. single. day. and hearing my kids get put down, every. single. day.
maybe its so hard for me because my parents think i’m awesome and are do nice to me. that sounds cocky, but my parents text me every single day. jordans parents never called him when we didn’t live here. sometimes his dad would call him on holidays. and if jordan called they acted like it was a burden to talk to him.
my parents tell me how proud they are of me AND jordan, almost every day. his parents have never said that. they aren’t proud of him for getting promoted 2 weeks after he started his job, into a job he’s wanted for a while.
they’re just so different than what i’m used to and everyone just keeps saying “that’s how filipinos are.” like no, not all filipinos are like that. i go to church with hundreds every week and they are all so sweet. like you’re race is no reason to be an asshole.
end rant.

i think i’m starting to get depression. i’m not saying it’s super bad, but literally, i think i have a mild case.
did any of you ever deal with it?? what helped you??

i miss my cute town home in utah. first of all it was so nice, brand new, air conditioned, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. all that for under $1000 a month. (barely but still.) here a 1 bedroom CRAPPY apartment is more than $1,500. ughhhhh.
and his family is making me so mad again. don’t talk crap behind my back to jordan freaking say it to my face. not that anything your saying you should even have an opinion about. they literally need to learn to how to mind their own business.
and then jordan says just because you’re mad at them don’t keep the kids away from them. and i was like yeah, if they treated the kids how they do when your around, i wouldn’t. but they ignore them and act like they don’t exist, so yeah, i’m not gonna let them play with the kids.

things i hate right now.
We’re paying $300 of the electric bill from last month, and his mom is still telling me to turn our fans off. She also told me i’m not allowed to wash towels because i refuse to hang dry them and I put them in the washer. We are paying more than enough to be able to dry our freaking towels.
Last night we had his mom listen for the kids while we went to the atm (the kids were asleep) we come home and she had gone in the room, turned 2 fans off, turned a light on, and LOOKED THROUGH MY PURSE, AND JORDANS PAY CHECK. seriously, mind your own lady.
Jordan leaves for work at 4.15 every morning for work, he’s been using his dad’s car and we’ve been filling it up with gas. Well, he ran out of gas on the way to work, and all morning I’ve had to sit and listen to “he’s so dumb. He has no common sense. If you see your on empty, put gas in.” His dad was the last one to drive it the last few days, so he saw it was empty and didn’t say anything, or put gas in.
I’ve also had to hear how “stupid and easy” Jordans second job is. Yeah, it’s easy, but who cares? He’s still working 16 hour days the majority of the time. Don’t act like he’s lazy because he has one easy job.

I am the biggest complainer in the world, and I’m sorry. Haha

i can’t sleep. i wish i could wake jordan up to talk to him, but I know he only has 2 1/2 more hours of sleep left, and he just went to sleep an hour ago. i have only ever had the problem of not being able to sleep one other time. eff this.

when jordans nieces are rude to atty and ignore her all day until 10 minutes before their mom gets here…. they’re the biggest actors. i knew they were going to do this. grr.